What We Do

Our Teaching Methods

Our goals and objectives are based on concepts derived by Harvard professor  Howard Earl Gardner’s, Multiple Intelligences, / Multi-sensory Learning. (Video Below). 

That each Child, and Adult, learns differently, Individual intelligences, can foster learning and problem-solving styles. That each person has a unique combination and profile. And that there are many types of intelligences, that reflect different ways of learning, and intelligences! ( “If Youth Can’t Learn The Way We Teach,  We Should Teach The Way They Learn!”) 

The methods, in which these concepts are introduced are through presentations of Multisensory Education / Motivational Seminars. Utilizing methods of Positive Motivational / Mental Techniques (P.M.T.’S). These Seminars are designed for audiences. Stimulating senses including, but not limited to,  Auditory, Visual, Musical, Linguistic, Kinesthetic, Thematic, Movement, and Audience Engagement Participation. 

The Creative Arts and Humanities Fund’s emphases are firmly placed on Early  Childhood Learning, Reaching out to them at the earliest. With Positive Development, Multisensory Educational Modules developed within the Seminar  Program Activities. 

“ALL” programs reinforce Reading Initiatives Creatively and Musically presented to Youth, Families, as Adults, through Multisensory learning modules teaching and reinforcing Skills for Learning.

Multiple Intelligences

Watch this digital story gives a brief overview of Dr. Howard Gardner and
 his Theory of Multiple Intelligences. How do YOU learn best? 

I AM Smart Movement

A sampling of our #1 signature seminar.