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Faith Based / Spiritual Disclosures

This portion of the Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Children’s website

Is “extremely “personal!

Containing information which holds Valuable, Intrinsic, and Meaning

Which has been Sought, Found, Researched, and Studied for many years.

Brought forth through Multiple and Diverse methods, of teaching and learning.

Let this information serve, as a Spiritual,

Information Station!

Taking viewers, (ALL AGES) on a journey of discovering more about the ‘Faith based / Spiritual Essence, behind the “I AM” Smart Movement, 4Way Test. Author Herbert J. Taylor, and The Spiritual inspiration, and origin of The 4Way Test Soccer Ball. and Creator, Rotarian ,Robert (Bob) Carris).

“ALL” Work witnessed here, by Viewers of the Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Childre

For Those With

“I AM” Smart Spiritual Disclosure

Howard & “I AM Be Thy “Name”

The Preceding Video, “Howard” Be Thy Name” Lends itself, & Paves the Way for sharing the Spiritual Nature. Of what truly lies behind having the Knowledge, & Conscious use, of these 2 simple

Words! “I AM”, spoken or sung!

The precious, matter of fact, little girl in this video, named “Sara”. Serves as the perfect introduction, for sharing “OUR”

Positive Mission, its Motivation, and Purpose! As Emphatically and Confidently, Like little Sara.

“Sometimes Howard goes by other names”

“I AM”, Be Thy Name

Just like this little girl, we TOO, are expressing what “WE” Know, about the two words, "I AM", and have known, for some time! And now will divulge what’s truly behind the "I AM" Smart “Song, and its affections response, from Youth, Families and Teachers!

“ALL” Work witnessed here, by Viewers of the Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Childre

"I AM" Be Thy Name


Herbert J. Taylor

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The 4-Way Test Story begins in 1932.

Herbert J. Taylor had just become president of Club Aluminum Products Company in Chicago.

The company was bankrupt in the midst of The Great Depression.

Mr. Taylor, a Christian businessman, believed that in Right there is Might.

The company's leadership and its employees were

Encouraged to Think Right, and they would be encouraged to Act Right. In answer to Prayer, one evening came / The 4-Way Test.

Herbert J. Taylor, himself a methodist,

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Discussed it with four of his department heads. A Christian Scientist, a Roman Catholic, an Orthodox Jew, and a Presbyterian. Asking if the Test was contrary to anything in their Faith. They said NO, and agreed to memorize and use the Test in their business decisions. Adopting it as their official policy for business conduct.

Christian Science, Roman Catholic, Orthodox Jew, Presbyterian,

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Herbert J. Taylor

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Felt the Lord had a plan for his life which involved becoming enough of a

success in business that he could use his extra time to work with “YOUTH”.

In 1940 he set up the Christian Worker's Foundation as well as camps for

“YOUTH” used by each of these organizations. In all, more than 200 “YOUTH”

oriented organizations were recipients of gifts during his lifetime! And still

benefit from it today!

“Herbert J. Taylor’s influence, perception, and gifts, played a strategic role in

the ongoing development of “YOUTH” for Christ, Worldwide”,

Billy Graham

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Rotary International Adopts the Test in the early 1940's

Early in the 1950's, Community and city wide 4-Way Test.

Campaigns began. In 1954-1955 Mr. Taylor served as President of Rotary International

Herbert J. Taylor’s 4Way Test, Is one of the most popular Codes of Ethics ever used in American business

Today it’s used by, and on the desk of, over 800.000 business around the world, and community leaders in 51 Countries!

The 4Way Test, has made a Positive impacting contribution in helping resolve difficult situations in hundreds of thousands incidences throughout the world!

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It’s been introduced around the world, in Schools,

Governments, Businesses and Homes!


“ALL” Work witnessed here, by Viewers of the Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Childre

Everything on this website is in Honor, Inspiration, and Remembrance, of my late wonderful Mother, Mrs. “Mae Lawson”! She was an Angel while living, and I’m sure holds a Higher office presently! The Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Children’s Purpose, much like my Mom’s, was created for Helping.


If she could not make you feel better by baking you one of her Homemade Sweet Potato Pies, Banana Puddings, or German Chocolate Cakes , She’d use one of her other Loving Tactics! Singing you a song, telling a joke, or simply, but most importantly, Praying for you, Encouraging ‘YOU”, to be Of Good Courage, & Not Let Your Heart Be Troubled! When Mae Lawson Adopted “YOU” She became responsible for you. “ALL” her resources became your inheritance!


Such is true, of the purpose and mission of The Creative Arts and Humanities Fund for Children & Families! This Purpose is to Assist, Serve, and Personify teaching good, helping others, and learning, to be a genuine light of goodness! Educating, Representing, and Assisting, The High Needs, Under Served, & Challenged Schools, is the focus of the CAHFUND. We Accomplish this By Assisting in Developing in each Youth and Family, High Confidence, Dignity Resilience and, HOPE!


Be Concerned, Be Very Concerned  
Suicidal Thoughts of Self-Harm In “Children”  

The number of children ages 6-12 who visited children’s hospitals for suicidal 

thoughts or self-harm has more than doubled since 2016, according to data from 

across the country, collected for NBC News by the Children’s Hospital Association 

Youngsters / Students, come in with tears in their eyes, or their fists clenched 

in anger. Sometimes, they show no emotion at all. “I want to kill myself,” the 

kids, some as young as 8, announce inside elementary school counselor’s office  

Affirmations such as “Think Good Thoughts” and “Our School is not complete 

without you!” adorn the walls  

Mental health experts say too little attention has been paid to young children, 

despite growing evidence that more elementary and middle school students are in crisis. 


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From Suicidal thoughts and Self-harm in Young Children. 

To Thoughts of… “I AM” Smart, ‘I AM” Successful, “I AM” Specia, “I AM” Somebody,  

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