Welcome to Multisensory Education/Motivational Seminarsfor youth and adults. This page is designed to engage the navigator, in interactive viewing, hearing, and multi-ways of learning. Each seminar has a subject/theme; including grade level suggestion! Endowed with motivational music, hi–tech colorful visuals, and video excerpts used in Multisensory Seminar Presentations! ENJOY!

Who Presents?

All seminars are created and presented by Mr. Rudy Lawson, the “EDUtainer.”

Mr. Rudy Lawson

Who Are They For?

Rotary Clubs

How To Attend?

In-person seminars
Virtual webinars (via Zoom)

What Seminars Are Available?

Several options for all ages.

(Early Childhood – 6th Grade)

Friends Against Bullying / Rotary 4 Way Test for Anti Bullying

Take action, prevent bullying!

Celebrating Black History Month 365 Days a Year (The Paradigm Shift)

Our #1 signature seminar

Other Seminars

Say “YES” To Positive Choices


“YOU” Can Change

“I AM” Smart

Martin Luther King Jr. – The Power of Love

Get On The Smart Train with Former President Barack Obama

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